DANAN, Yves Maxime
DANAN, Yves Maxime
(Prof. Dr)
Active member
75016 Paris France
Society membership and principal philatelic positions held

Académie de philatélie (France). FIP Jury member for revenues.

Collections and philatelic interests

France: revenues, Channel Islands, military post WWI and WWII, parcel post.

International awards
España 92, Ibra 90, Poznan 93, Séoul 94, Istanbul 96, San Francisco 97, Israel 99, Australia 99, Ibra 99, China 99, España 2000, Gold.
Histoire postale et libertés publiques, 1965.
Histoire des timbres fiscaux d’Alsace-Lorraine, 1994.
Catalogue des bandes et étiquettes de tabacs, des origines à 1920, 2000.
Spoken languages
French, English.
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