van den BOLD, Willem
van den BOLD, Willem

Active member
4041 AN Kesteren
The Netherlands
Society membership and principal philatelic positions held

Dutch Philatelic Academy.

Collections and philatelic interests

Thematic philately: My name is Automobile.
Netherlands: overprints on stamps.

International awards
Washington 2006, Court of Honour.
Toronto 1996, Pacific 1997, Philexfrance 1999, Large Gold.
London 1990, New Zealand 1990, Philnippom 1991, Italia 1992, Poznan 1993, Seoul 1994, Singapore 1995, Istanbul 1996, Israel 98, Johannesburg 1998, Gold.
Handboek voor de Thematische Filatelie, 1990.
Handbook of Thematic Philately, 1994.
Spoken languages
Dutch, English, German.
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