, M.P.E.
Active member
LISBOA Portugal
Former President of FEPA (Federation of European Philatelic Associations).
President of the Portuguese Philatelic Federation.

Honorary member of the Clube Filatélico Português.
Member of the Clube Filatélico Brasil , the Secção Filatélica AACoimbra and the Clube Filatélico de Santos.

Collections: Traditional, Postal History, Stationery, Open Class, One Frame, and Literature.

Director of Filatelia Lusitana.
Director of FEPA News.
Author of the book Carimbos Nominativos de Portugal (2 parts).

- FIP 9 Large Gold, 37 Gold, 28 Large Vermeil Medals (National and International).
- Medal “Dedication” of the Philatelic Club of Portugal.
- Trophy AFA- Associação Filatélica Alentejana in 2002.
- “Honorary Postman” of the Confraria Timbrologica in 2003.
- Silver Medal of the Association of Philatelists of Montenegro.
- Ordem de Excelência Filatélica from the Brazilian Philatelic Federation.
- Holder of the "Mérite Philatélique Européen" (M.P.E.).

Spoken languages:
French, English, Portuguese, Spanish
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