SCHUBERT, Bernward
SCHUBERT, Bernward
Active member
71642 LUDWIGSBURG Germany
Member of the “Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e.V.” through membership of “Briefmarkenfreunde Kornwestheim e.V.”, “Philatelistischer Club Markgröningen e.V.”, “Briefmarkensammlerverein Aspreg e.V.”.
Member of the “Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Russland/Sowjetunion e.V.”.
President of the “Briefmarkenfreunde Kornwestheim e.V.”.
Jury in rank 2 + 3 in the “Bund Deutscher Philatelisten”.
Jury in the “Deutschen Philatelisten-Jugend”.

Collections: Russia / Soviet Union (emphasis on the czar-period).
Local collection: Kornwestheim.

Awards: Collection “Russian domestic mail” – study of the tariffs in the period from
1st April 1889 to 20th September 1914 (Gold).

Publications: Editor of the Reports of the Symposia of “Postgeschichte – live”.

Spoken languages:
English, German
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