Active member
United Kingdom
Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London.
Member of the “Académie de Paris” (mc), past president of the FCPS, past chairman of the PSS and the BSC, member of the SSS and the CPSGB.

Former council member of RPSL, Museum Curator and Chair of Publications.
FIP Accrediated international juror (postal stationery).


Postal stationery (GB, France, Belgium, NZ, Canada, Russia).
Telegraphs (world), Express (Belgium, GB, World).
Revenues (Canada, GB, France).
France Postal History (Montpellier).
North Borneo.
Parcel Post (GB).

Awards: GOLD (Dublin 2004), LV (Brussels, 2001, London, 2000, Cyprus, 2002), LS (Toronto 1996).

Numerous publications listed on the Académie de Paris website.

Spoken languages
Spanish, French, English, Italian.
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