Active member
6912 HOERBRANZ Austria
Board member of the Austrian Philatelic Federation, competent for philatelic co-operation in Tyrol and Voralberg.
President of “Philatelistenverein Bregenz”.
Member of the Swiss Postal History Society.
National Juror.
FIP Juror.
President of the Jury of WIPA 2008.

Postal History of Austria 1945 – 1955.
Use of postcards during the Austrian Inflation 1918 – 1925.
Postal Services of the Austrian UN Peace-Keeping contingents.
Mail between and from UN organisations.
Postal History of the break down of People’s Republic of Yugoslavia and the birth of the new countries 1991 – 2004.

Censorship of the Allied Forces in Austria 1945 – 1953, Catalogue.
Mail of Austrian UN-Peacekeeping Forces (field post) 1963 – 2005.
Articles in “Die Briefmarke” of the Austrian Philatelic Federation.

Large Vermeil (Espana ’04).
Gold (IBRA ’09).
Vermeil (London ’10).

Spoken languages:
English, German
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