Active member
President and Founding Member of the « Cercle des Amis de Marianne » (Circle of the Friends of « Marianne »).
Founding Member and Vice-President of « l’Amicale Philatélique de Cusset».
Member of SoCoCoDaMi, ACCP, SAMP, CEM.
Deputy Counsellor for Youth and Board Member of GPMC.
Deputy Board Member FFAP.
Associate Member of the French Academy for Philately.


« Sabine de Gandon » : Proofs, the mark signs and study of the 1F (national Vermeil medal) .
« Marianne de Bequet » : the 50 c.
« IRIS » : the 1F.
The latest « Marianne » issues with the evolution from traditional recess printing to electromechanical and galvanic engraving: Briat, Luquet, Lamouche, Beaujard et Ciappa.
Modern engraved stamps (euro denominations).
Germany after 1948.

Philatelic Awards:
The Biscara Plate 1997.
Regional medal GPMC 1982.
Challenge Georges Tixier 2004.

Publications :
Magazine « Timbres de Tous les Jours ».
Several articles in « Le Monde des Philatélistes », « Timbres Magazine », « Philatélie Française », « L’Echo de la Timbrologie », the magazine « Marianne » of the « Cercle des Amis de Marianne » and in « Documents Philatéliques ».

Spoken languages
French, English, German.
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