KING, Christopher
KING, Christopher
Active member
United Kingdom
Former President and Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London. Keeper of the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists. Chairman of the British Philatelic Trust and ABPS Exhibitions Committee, member of the Executive ABPS.
Board Member of the “Club de Monre-Carlo”.
FIP judge for Postal History.
Member of the “Københavns Philatelist Klub”, the CCNY, SCC and SPS.
Associate Member of the Society of Postal Historians.


Denmark and the Duchy of Schleswig, Lübeck, Napoleon in Northern Europe, History of Philately, Illustrated Printed Envelopes and Postal Propaganda, censorship in the Second World War relating to mail to Denmark.
Grand Prix FEPA/FIP at Antwerp 2010 and Lisbon 2010, Nordia 2011, 2009, 2008 and ChicagoPex 2008.
Large Gold medals at IBRA 2009 and INDIPEX 2011.
Author of various articles in Scandinavian Contact SCC Posthorn, in the London Philatelist and NYCC Philatelist.

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