Welcome to the website of the European Academy of Philately

It is no accident that a large part of the site is given over to details of our members. The AEP has become in effect a veritable network of international philatelists. That is its strength. Collectors who aspire to excellence, always ready to share and exchange their own knowledge and research regardless of country boundaries. Please do not hesitate to use this network, it is not a closed circle as an elite might be. On the contrary its members are open to those willing to share their own knowledge: Damus Petimusque Vicissim “we give and take in return”. The AEP has adopted this motto which appears on one of the most famous stamps in history.

You will also find details of future meetings of the AEP, usually as part of international exhibitions. Do not hesitate to participate and make yourself known. These are excellent opportunities for networking and making contacts. Read the latest issues of our online journal Trait d’Union. Whilst much is concerned with internal matters it will enable you to develop your interaction with the AEP. You will see that our members can be found at most national and international European events.

Last but not least a contents list of all articles that have appeared in OPUS the key annual publication of the society.

Keep in mind the vision, aims and values which the AEP cherishes and protects.
  • Our vision - Philately organised at the highest level. We must recognise reality: philatelists are declining in number on our continent but the quality continues to grow.
  • Our mission - Develop and improve the quality of our European network. A social mission which follows from our vision.
  • Our values - Philatelic excellence: give meaning to what is often described as a hobby but is in fact much more than that. Research, the fascination in finding new things, pleasure and fun shared, so many ingredients to encourage international friendship within so vast a domain.
Our continent is going through profound changes and the links between people often put to the test. The European Academy of Philately proves that people brought together by a common passion can transcend cultural divisions and differences even whilst in competition. Philately does not contain groups of rival supporters or indulge in the brandishing of red cards. The AEP will always be watchful that this remains so.

Jean Voruz
European Academy of Philately