MAASSEN, Wolfgang
MAASSEN, Wolfgang
Active member
41366 Schwalmtal Germany
Society membership and principal philatelic positions held

International Association of Philatelic Journalists, President. Consilium Philatelicum, Germany, President.
Académie royale de philatélie de Belgique, corresponding member.

Collections and philatelic interests

Brazil, Central and South America. Philatelic history (especially of Germany). Literature and history of literature.

International awards
Praga 2018, Stockholmia 2019, Gold.
2002 European Philatelic Press Award.
2014 European Philatelic Literature Award.
2018 European Philatelic Literature Award.
FEPA medal for exceptional study and research, 2011.
Fabergé medal from the Russian Philatelic Academy, 2013.
Several FIP and FEPA Large Gold and Gold medals for philatelic literature.
2019 Club de Monte-Carlo Award.
Milestones of the philatelic literature of the 19th century (with Vincent Schouberechts), 2013.
The mysterious Mr. Philipp de Ferrari. Collector, Philatelist and Philanthropologist, 2017.
More than 80 books published 1978-2017.
Chief Editor of five philatelic magazines, 1986 - today.
Spoken languages
German, English.
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