Honorary member
9880 Aalter Belgium
Society membership and principal philatelic positions held

Académie royale de philatélie de Belgique, honorary president.
Académie de philatélie (France), associate member.
Portuguese Philatelic Academy, honorary member.

Collections and philatelic interests

Postal history of the Benelux 1600-1900.

International awards
Grand prix national 1982, 1988, 2008.
Stockholmia 1986, Filacept 1988, Philexfrance 89, Pacific 97, Philkefrance 99, Ibra 99, Wipa 2000,
London 2000, Belgica 2001, Washington 2006, Antverpia 2010, Portugal 2010, Large Gold.
Wipa 2000, Belgica 2001, Washington 2006, Wipa 2008, Gold.
Sinfelfingen 2007, Golden posthorn.
Medals Paul de Smeth 1989, Savo 1990, Crawford 2003, J. Boulet 2009.
FEPA medal for exceptional service 2010.
De Post vanuit de Nederlanden, 1989. De Post naar de Nederlanden, 2004.
De Nederlandse Scheepspost,I, II, 1998, 2002. La poste maritime belge, 2009.
Le Livre d’or de la philatélie belge, 2006.
Spoken languages
French, Dutch, English.
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