Active member
98311 Deurle Belgium
Society membership and principal philatelic positions held

AEP member of the Board, editor of Opus.
Organiser for the Grand Prix of Belgian and European philatelic artwork.
Académie royale de philatélie de Belgique, administrateur et secrétaire-adjoint. Dutch Philatelic Academy.
International Association of Philatelic Journalists. Royal Philatelic Society London.
Part of the editorial team of Timbres Magazine.

Collections and philatelic interests

Bangladesh. French colonies. British Commonwealth George VI. Italy and colonies, San Marino, Vatican.

International awards
Rossica 2014, Notos 2015 Grand or littérature.
36 books in a series Histoire et philatélie (Italy, France, Spain, Austria, USA, Mexico, Egypt, etc.).
Spoken languages
Dutch, French, English, Italian.
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