LIEVIN, Pascal
LIEVIN, Pascal

Active member
Member of the “Club philatélique du Valenciennois”, of the “U.M “., of the “Marcophilie Navale”, of the “Club marcophile de la seconde guerre mondiale”, of the “ColFra” and of the France and Colonies Society (GB).


Second World War, Indochina (from 1939 until today), the Corean War, the War in Algeria (1954 – 1962), Suez 1956 and the operation Musketeer, modern conflicts (e.g. the Gulf War, Yougoslavia, Somalia, Rwanda, etc…).
Collection of forgeries on cover, and of unauthorised and refused stamps on cover (postal war).

Awards : -1954 / 1962, the war in Algeria and its postal consequences : large vermeil, congratulations of the jury and special prize (regional); silver (national).
-1956 SUEZ: operation Musketeer: large silver (regional and national) France during the Second World War: large silver (interregional).

Publications : “1956 Suez nationalisé” (Suez nationalised) (1999).
“Les soldats perdus de la France ou les français dans l’armée allemande” (Lost French soldiers and French soldiers in the German Army) (2006).
“Les bureaux postaux militaires d’Indochine” (The military post offices in Indochina) (2006).
Suez… à grandes eaux en philatélie : “autour de l’opération Mousquetaire” (Suez… deep water in philately : the operation Musketeer) (2006).
Suez II : les forces maritimes françaises (2006) (the French navy).
Suez III : Opération Mousquetaire – la poste navale (2007) (Operation Musketeer : navy mail).
Suez IV : Opération Mousquetaire – la poste aux armées (Operation Musketeer :the mail from the armed forces) (2007).
Suez V : Opération Mousquetaire – les plis comme témoins (Operation Musketeer : covers as witnesses) (2007).
Suez VI: Opération Mousquetaire – la FUNU I (Operation Musketeer :the FUNU I) (2007).

Spoken languages
French, English.
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