WALSKE, Steven
WALSKE, Steven

Active member
Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London.
Associate Foreign Member, “Académie de Philatélie”.
Member of the “Association Internationale des Experts en Philatélie (AIEP) ”.
Trustee and former treasurer of the Philatelic Foundation.
Former trustee of the Confederate Stamp Alliance.
Director of the Western Cover Society.
Western Mails Section Editor of the magazine Chronicle.
Section Editor of the CSA Catalog.
Builder of the “Lafayette collection” of classic France.
Member of the France & Colonies Philatelic Society, the USPCS and the APS.


Postal history of France and the USA: Civil War across-the-lines mail, French Franco-Prussian War mail (1870-71), transatlantic mail between France and the USA, and mail routes through San Francisco.
Large Gold and national Grand Prix at PhilexFrance 99 and SESCAL 08.
Large Gold and international Grand Prix at Luxembourg 98.
Large Gold and international Grand Prix Jakarta 2013.
Crawford Medal 2016.


The Pony Express, a Postal History, co-authored with Richard Frajola and George Kramer (2005).
Special Mail Routes of the American Civil War: A Guide to Across-the-Lines Postal History, co-authored with Scott Trepel, 2008.
Two articles on mail from British Columbia via San Francisco in the magazine Chronicle.

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