SOHRNE, Bjoern Gunnarsson
SOHRNE, Bjoern Gunnarsson

Active member
Member of the following philatelic societies : RPSL, Iran Philatelic Society (honorary), Swedish Philatelic Fed., Iran Philatelic Study Circle (UK), ROSSICA (USA), India Study Circle (UK), OPAL (UK), The Ottoman & Near East Philatelic Soc.(USA), Ethiopian Philatelic Society (USA), “Rysslandsklubben” (Russian Phil.Soc.), “Stockholms Filatelist Silskap”.


Postal history and stationery of Persia, postal relations between Russia and Persia and India and Persia. Yemen stamps and postal development until 1950.
FIP and FEPA large gold and gold medals. The “Wallberg” and “Silver Postilion” medals.
Author of numerous articles.

Spoken languages
Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, German, Swedish.
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