Active member
3130 Begijnendijk Belgium
e-mail: paul.wijnants@scarlet.be
Society membership and principal philatelic positions held

Royal Philatelic Society London.
International Association of Philatelic Experts, Secretary.
International Postal History Fellowship.

Collections and philatelic interests

Belgium: postal history. Danish West Indies. Philatelic literature.
Unpaid maritime mail from major ports before 1876.

International awards
Rossica 2014, Word Stamp Show New York 2016, Praga 2018, Large Gold.
Sindelfingen 2014, Golden Posthorn.
De Ware Postzegelverzamelaar, 3 vols (with 7 co-writers), 1980.
Bibliography of Danish West Indies Philately, 2001.
Hoe Begijnendijk ontstond als aparte gemeente op 8 maart 1796 (with G. Andries).
The impact of conventions on overweight letters in international pre-adhesive exchanged mails, 2014.
The influence of the VOC, the Batavian Commonwealth and the British Empire on the postal development of the Cape Colony, 2015.
The maritime connections to and from New South Wales before 1876, 2016.
The Impact of the 18th Century Revolutionary Wars on the Maritime Connections between Great Britain and France, 2017.
Mail across the Oceans from the beginning to 1875 (with Jozef Bernard Lux and James Van der Linden), 2019.
Spoken languages
Dutch, French, English, German, Afrikaans.
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